Multitud Networks


Monetize your content directly on Telcos around the world

We move all the original contents our creators make, through the whole spectrum of social media, this allows us to guarantee maximum reachability and exposure to your specific market, add this to the fact that the number of channels earning six figures has increased 50% year after year.

Facebook alone handles about 8billion views per day from an average of 500million users. In comparison, Youtube handles about 500 hours of content uploaded to their servers, EVERY MINUTE.

According to recent statistics, the number of people who use Youtube is around 1,300,000,000, Of that number 70% percent is traffic from OUTSIDE the US.

By distributing our content in all social media channels we target an incredible amount of people searching for content that relates to them.

Meet our roster

    1. Jesus Adrian Romero

      Singer Mexico

    2. Tercer Cielo

      Singer USA / AZ

    3. Marcela Gándara

      Singer USA / TX

    4. Marco Barrientos

      Singer USA / TX

    5. Danilo Montero

      Singer USA / TX

    6. Lilly Goodman

      Singer Dominican Republic

    7. Abel Zavala

      Singer USA / AZ

    8. Funky (Funky PR)

      Singer USA / FL

    1. Kari Jobe

      Singer USA / TX

    2. Juan Francisco Velasco

      Singer Ecuador

    3. Yancen Pujols

      Journalist Dominican Republic

    4. Nereyda Castillo

      Show Host Dominican Republic

    5. Zoila Luna

      Public Relations Dominican Republic

    6. Eugenia Rojo

      Chef / Show Host Dominican Republic

    7. Airam Toribio

      Editor / Show Host Dominican Republic

    8. Rhadames Espiritu

      Stylist / Image Consultant Dominican Republic

    1. Veronica Then

      Chef / Show Host Dominican Republic

    2. Carlos Lamarche

      Fashion / TV Host D.R. / New York

    3. Pastor Cash Luna

      Christian Pastor Guatemala

    4. Pastor Dante Gebel

      Christian Pastor USA / CA