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Captive Portal Management System

It’s a Content Management System platform used to deliver fully functional captive portals to carriers. It implements advanced features that propitiate ARPU increase, while achieving other specific goals that the carrier could have. For instance defining persona(s), generating advertising inventory, brands strategic integration, increasing prepaid loads, offering data, sms or other packs, among others.

A fully functional captive portal using our platform.


  1. Smart Portal that presents choices to consume or buy, according to her/his persona and the carrier specific strategy.
  2. The carrier just defines the strategy and goals, the CPMS implements the same with quick set ups.
  3. Shows the user options based on his data expenditure.
  4. A stylish and agile front-end, with a powerful back-end that integrates big brands with their video ads in order to consume the carrier inventory.
  5. Segment the portal user base by age and gender, generating even more valuable inventories for the brands.
  6. Set up VAS campaigns, loads, data/sms/voice packs for strategies, focused on promoting a specific service of the carrier.
With the site builder you can customize every inch of your captive portal website.
Create individual pages for your services or promotions

Sponsored Data

The OMS platform supports sponsored data, data rewards and mobile advertising “network-aware”. This solution includes the OMS Gateway, a SDK, OMS Central Cloud and the OMS Portal.

Benefits and Features

  1. Fast and easy, one-time integration for the carrier. Subsequent clients can be activated without any configuration by the carrier.
  2. The OMS GW can easy handle over 200TB/month. The traffic capacity depends on the model.
  3. The service can be enabled to clients in iOS, Android and Mobile Web.
  4. Clients without credits will still be able to navigate in apps or sites enabled in the OMS Gateway. Credit positive clients will not be affected.
  5. Analytics are generated through a dynamic token, which can also manage time based authorizations.