Multitud Networks


Let us do the job of aggregating, curing, post-producing content and develop products around it

Content Aggregation

In 2016 a milestone was reached, consumers are now spending 51% of time on the internet on mobile devices, compared to a 42% on desktop.

We work with the biggest and best telcos, to ensure your content gets to the hands of your primary audience.


We bring brands to telcos as we undersand the brand and the telco world. We are unique blend of brand, telco and content creators.

Our Telco Solutions

Multitud SSP, our supply serving platform, that integrates to the telcos ecosystem in order to maximize revenue generation from brands as well as the agency’s and brands requirements.

Brands need tools and services that speak to their language, we provide those tools and solutions. Telcos need solutions that maximize the revenue coming from their eye balls, we provide those solutions.

Hence the gap between brands and telcos is closed with Multitud SSP. Contact us for more information.